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About alcohol
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About Alcohol

How much alcohol do you drink? A shot of whiskey A glass of wine A bottle of beer How much is the standard drink of alcohol? To protect the liver, My Physician has instructed me to “Drink Moderately.” I don’t understand, what is moderate drinking? Whiskey 44 mL of 80 proof (1.5 oz) Wine 148 … Continued

Cutting down on salt
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Cutting Down on Salt

Taking less salt bring enormous benefits to one’s health. Here’s a guide on shopping and preparing food, still flavorful but with less salt. My Doctor advised me to start a low-salt diet. How can I cut down my salt intake? The recommended intake of sodium is less than 2.4 grams a day, which is equal … Continued

benefits of fiber
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Benefits of Fiber

High fiber intake brings huge benefits to health. Let us find out. The Doctor gave instructions to start a high fiber diet. Why? How can I eat more fiber? Eating a high-fiber diet that includes at least 25 g of fiber and drinking water up to 1.5-2.0 L a day may help lower your LDL … Continued

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