Try to remain positive and calm as you look forward to the end of your pregnancy. Soon you’ll hold your baby in your arms. Make sure to prepare these things which you will be needing in the hospital for your delivery :

Check and prepare budget for the hospital deposit, Professional Fee (PF) and hospital bill

Prepare pertinent documents which you will be submitting to the hospital
Philhealth – 2 copies of: CF1, MDR List of contribution
Community Tax Certificate

Make sure to pack your things for the hospital days before your expected date, as you may be in labor any time. Have your bag ready with the following items :

Mommy’s things:

Clothes – sleep wear, robe, going home outfit
Toiletries – napkins
Hair Care – clips or hair bands

Baby’s things:

Clothes – tie sides, bonnets, mittens, socks
Toiletries – diapers, alcohols, cotton rolls, wet wipes, tissues
Blanket – swaddles

Transport arrangements

Prepare for transport arrangements when going to and from the hospital to ensure a comfortable ride for you and your baby.

If you don’t have a private vehicle, consider transportation services like Grab. Be sure to download the app in your mobile phone ahead of time.

Who’s going with you?

Have an assigned companion during your entire hospital stay. Your husband or any adult family member would be ideal as he/she can attend to your needs.

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