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Persons with mental health conditions and their loved ones need true information on the illness to cope with day to day life. Let’s work to address the limitations and fight the stigma.

Healthy Minds Epilepsy and Sports Unleashed

Unleash! Let’s inspire P.W.E. to get into sports for endurance, a healthy body, and to build confidence. There are sports that are not risky to oneself and to others. With guidance from the doctor and cheers from loved ones, P.W.E. can engage in sports. Is sports a “No-No” for persons with epilepsy (P.W.E.)? “I am…

Healthy minds
Healthy minds story time school on the hill

School on the Hill This is a beautiful story of Jane and Teacher Angel on their journey with epilepsy and how they were able to cope up with their condition and live a normal life with the support of family and friends. Big Dipper School sat on a hill with a great view of the…

Healthy minds
healthy minds story time bff

Best friend forever (BFF) Best friend forever (BFF) is a heart-warming story of people with epilepsy that can live normal lives, excel in their chosen field and be in love and eventually have a family of their own.

Healthy minds
healthy meals Adobong Manok

QUICK FACTS Low salt diet helps reduce symptoms of vertigo. Salt intake of less than 2.4 g per day reduces severity of Meniere’s Disease. Adobo is a well-loved dish that is usually high in sodium. But with this recipe, you can enjoy the same flavorful dish with less salt. Download the recipe COOKING INSTRUCTIONS Fresh…

Healthy minds