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Eat Smart, Get Well Healthy lifestyle changes begins in the market and the kitchen. Let’s empower the person who buys and prepares the food. For a healthy heart, CHOOSE MORE OFTEN: This list must be discussed with the person who does the shopping and prepares the food for you and your loved ones. Breads and…

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healthy meals Adobong Manok

QUICK FACTS Low salt diet helps reduce symptoms of vertigo. Salt intake of less than 2.4 g per day reduces severity of Meniere’s Disease. Adobo is a well-loved dish that is usually high in sodium. But with this recipe, you can enjoy the same flavorful dish with less salt. Download the recipe COOKING INSTRUCTIONS Fresh…

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Walking with coordination of the head, body and limbs sharpens our sense of balance. Fight and beat vertigo. Exercise while walking.


Standing on uneven surface or on one leg triggers quick coordination of the eyes, ears and muscles to maintain balance. Fight and beat vertigo. Exercise while standing.


Moving the body and head while sitting stimulates our sense of balance. Fight and beat vertigo. Exercise while sitting.


Our eyes play important roles in maintaining balance. Got bogged down? Fight and beat vertigo. Exercise the eyes.

I eat therefore I am

How’s our eating habit? We are what we eat. Deciding to eat healthy may be a struggle for many, but we keep hoping to do so until we reach our momentum and goals. In our desire to change for the better, the first step is to check our current eating habits. Eating Time. Check what time…

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benefits of eat apple per day

Health benefits of fresh apples with skin As the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Is this true? What are the health benefits of apples? We can answer these by knowing what’s in an apple and what are the recommendations for us to get the most from this fruit. Understand first…

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