Healthy Minds: Story Time School On The Hill

School on the Hill

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This is a beautiful story of Jane and Teacher Angel on their journey with epilepsy and how they were able to cope up with their condition and live a normal life with the support of family and friends.

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Big Dipper School sat on a hill with a great view of the town but with one big problem: wild grass had grown and spread all over the school yard!

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Everyone in school planted flowers and trees all around but they dried up quickly. The clouds above were always dark making everything look gloomy. Parents would keep​ on pulling out the grass​ only to see them return the very next day! 

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One day, Miss Angel, the new principal arrived. She is kind and beautiful just like an angel.

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While walking around school, she noticed an empty seat in one of the classrooms.

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Miss Angel decided to test Jane’s ability to learn and saw how smart she really was.

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She hugged Jane then walked towards the back of the school building

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She looked up at the dark clouds, down ​at the wild grass, and cried. It started to rain and the cold wind blew. She remained still as the raindrops mixed with her tears.​

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The next day, Miss Angel arrived at the school with an elderly doctor. ​ She gathered everyone together ​and introduced Dra. Belen. 

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Dra. Belen is a doctor who treats children with epilepsy. She shared the truth that epilepsy is not an infectious disease. A child with epilepsy can do what other kids can do.

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Dra. Belen also told everyone what to do in case Jane suddenly falls during a seizure, when her arms and legs start to shake a lot. It usually lasts for a couple of minutes and nobody would be able to wake her up. Everyone who witnesses the seizure must stay calm until it stops.

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Somebody needs to protect the head and turn Jane to one side.

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Dra. Belen then described how Jane ​feels during and after a seizure. Jane does not know what is happening  so when she wakes up, she is tired and confused. She has to sleep and rest the whole day.

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They should also try to keep onlookers away and call her parents so she can rest at home.

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Dra. Belen urged everyone to understand epilepsy more.​ She asked for support, care, and acceptance for Jane. 

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One day, Jane had another seizure. Everyone who witnessed the episode stayed calm and knew what to do.

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The next day she was back in school studying and playing with her classmates. Miss Angel saw everything and smiled. She looked up and watched the dark clouds move away.

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Miss Angel thanked Dra. Belen for the change she had brought to Big Dipper School. Dra. Belen also mentored the doctor who gives Jane the medicine to control her seizure.