Pregnancy - Third Trimester

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The Third Trimester

Week 27-40

a:care women health pregnancy third trimester

My belly is really heavy, and I’m always short of breath when I move, is everything alright?

As you approach the birth of your child, you will notice that your pregnancy is becoming quite physically and emotionally demanding. Many women will feel uncomfortable due to their baby’s size and position, tending to cause shortness of breath or heartburn after eating.

As you approach your due date, you may want to see your doctor more regularly to check on your baby’s health and for any signs of impending labor.

Remember that your due date is just an estimate and you may well go past it with no sign of your baby, but remember the wait is almost over!

a:care women health pregnancy 3rd trimester

The Role of Your Hormones in the Third Trimester

a:care role of your hormones in the 3rd trimester

High progesterone levels help loosen the ligaments and joints throughout your body to allow your womb to expand to hold a full-term baby.

Hormones help in preparing your breasts to produce milk to feed your baby. You may find that your breasts will continue to grow and become more tender.

Some women will find they discharge small amounts of watery pre-milk called colostrum during the third trimester.

At the end of my third trimester, how big is my baby?

By week 39, your baby is roughly 50.8 cm long and weighs anywhere from 2.7-4.1 kg or possibly more. You won’t know for sure until your baby finally arrives at around 40 weeks of your pregnancy.

At this stage, your baby will have:

A layer of fat to give him/ her that new-born baby cuteness
Fully developed hearing
Mature lungs. The baby will be able to breathe his first breath when he/she arrives in this world.

Full-sized baby:

Average size and weight of fetus = 48cm- 53cm / 2.8kg - 4kg

Get all essential nutrients, including iron, every day. Getting enough iron prevents anemia, which is linked to tiredness, pre-term birth and low-birth weight babies. Ask your doctor about taking a daily prenatal vitamin or iron supplement.

a:care women health pregnancy 3rd trimester baby size

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