Heart Health - Benefits of Fiber

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Benefits of Fiber

High fiber intake brings huge benefits to health. Let us find out.

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The Doctor gave instructions to start a high fiber diet. Why? How can I eat more fiber?

Eating a high-fiber diet that includes at least 25 g of fiber and drinking water up to 1.5-2.0 L a day may help lower your LDL or bad cholesterol which increases the risk for diseases.

A fiber-rich diet can lower the risk of heart attack by up to 36% and the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 30%. You can find fiber in cereal grains, fruits, vegetables, and dried beans, peas, and legumes.
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Lower the risks

My Mother has diabetes she does not experience constipation. Why did the doctor recommend a high fiber diet?
High fiber diet is recommended to lower the risks for…

a:care high-fiber diet lowers the risks of cancer

Fiber Guide

“I don’t eat root crops and legumes. What is the fiber content of some common foods and other nuts I see in the grocery store?”

From the list, try to make a daily menu that follows the dietary fiber recommendation of 25 grams per day.

Refer to this guide when shopping and preparing for food.

a:care fiber guide fruits

a:care fiber guide broccoli, carot

a:care fiber guide almonds, sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts

a:care fiber guide oatmeal, brown rice, cereals

Fiber Content
Monggo 26.9 g/ 100 g
Utaw 38 g/ 100g
Mani 9 g/ 100 g
Sitaw 20 g/ 100 g
Paayap 29.5 g/ 100 g
Garbanzos 24.9 g/ 100 g
Gisantes 27.6 g/ 100 g
Patani 17.7 g/ 100 g
Kadyos 19. 4 g/ 100 g
Kamote 3.2 g/ 100 g
Gabi 9.5 g/ 100 g
Patatas 4 g/ 100 g
Tugi 7 g/ 100 g
Ubi 7.4 g/ 100 g
Kamoteng Kahoy 3.2 g/ 100 g

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