Vertigo Diet Guide

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Diet Guide

Low salt diet matters. Why?

Where salt goes water goes. It attracts fluids.

In some forms of vertigo such as Meniere’s Disease there is a buildup of fluids in the inner ear. Cutting down on salt may lessen the fluid and may decrease the frequency of vertigo attacks.

Low salt intake is also good for the heart. It lowers blood pressure preventing heart attack and stroke

What food to choose ?

Limit salt consumption to <2.4 g per day. But what is 2.4 g of salt? How will I know?

Each choice contains 500 mg Sodium:



Table Salt

¼ teaspoon

BBQ Sauce

4 tablespoons


3 tablespoons

Chili Sauce

3 tablespoons

Fish Sauce (Patis)

1 ½ teaspoon


8 teaspoons

Soy Sauce (Toyo)

 1 ½ teaspoons

Light Soy Sauce

 3 ½ teaspoons

Steak Sauce

5 teaspoons

Teriyaki Sauce

 2 ½ teaspoons

Worcestershire Sauce

2 tablespoons

Good to know:

If the label says…

It means

Sodium free/Salt free

< 5mg sodium per serving

Very low sodium

< 35 mg sodium per serving

Low sodium   

< 140 mg sodium per serving

Reduced sodium

At least 25% less sodium than  the original product

Light in sodium

At least 50% less sodium than  the original product

Unsalted/No added salt

No salt added during processing (NOT SODIUM FREE)

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