Heart Health

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Heart Health

Living productive lives with hypertension, diabetes and other cardiovascular, heart diseases

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Meet Martha

The Cheerful Grandmother

She likes to bake cookies and pastries for grandson Coco and granddaughter Nina. Her heart matters to her loved ones.

Heart attacks and strokes are real threats to life that come without warnings? There’s a way for Martha to know her risks of experiencing these sudden events.  We all wish to bring Martha very far from experiencing heart attack and stroke.

How? For Marta and for all adults. Know your numbers. What numbers?

  • Have you had your BP checked?
  • Have you checked your fasting blood sugar?
  • Have you checked your blood lipid profile (fats and cholesterols)?
  • Have you computed for your Body Mass Index?

Martha’s Numbers:

  • Body Mass Index: 30
  • Fasting Blood Sugar: 140 mg/dl
  • LDL (Bad Cholesterol): 160 mg/dl
  • Systolic Blood Pressure: 142 mm Hg
  • Diastolic Blood Pressure: 95 mm Hg
  • Total Cholesterol: 150 mg/dl
  • Triglycerides: 140 mg/dl
acare heart health stories Martha

With these numbers of Marta? Is she at risk of possibly experiencing heart attack or stroke in the next five or ten years?

Well-known and established risks to the heart include: High Body Mass Index (Obesity), Diabetes mellitus (High blood sugar), High fats and bad cholesterols, and Hypertension (High blood pressure).

Good news!

All these risks can be modified and controlled by making the right choices in the food we eat, active lifestyle and our doctors’ care. Hearts can be stronger and our lives lived better and longer.

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Meet Joey

38 years old, married with two daughters

His daughters Jenny and Joana love to play basketball.

Look at Joey’s numbers.

  • Body Mass Index (BMI): 22
  • Fasting Blood Sugar: 90 mg/dl
  • LDL (Bad Cholesterol): 85 mg/dl
  • Systolic Blood Pressure: 150 mm Hg
  • Diastolic Blood Pressure: 89 mm Hg
  • Total Cholesterol: 100 mg/dl
  • Triglycerides: 120 mg/dl

His BMI is ideal. His blood sugar and cholesterols are normal. He was told to have hypertension. His doctor prescribed medicine to lower his blood pressure.

Together with his wife and daughters they prepare and eat the recommended diet to maintain a strong and healthy heart.

Cutting down on salt helps lower blood pressure and researches show that choosing diet low in sodium can make you live longer.

Let’s talk more about salt, heart health and living longer. See the food choices, recipes and meal plans of Joey’s family.

To choose wisely one important question is asked, “Who does the shopping and food preparation?” The main battleground in the fight against obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease is the grocery or the market.

acare heart health stories joey

Joey and wife do the shopping and grocery together. Shopping guides are available for them and for you.

Download diet guides highlighting low saturated fats and high-fiber foods to give to your loved one who does the shopping or food preparation

One weapon to fight against heart disease is being able to read food labels. When Joey and wife go to the grocery they are armed with the knowledge on food labels. How about you?

Download guide on looking at and interpreting food labels to choose wisely the food to buy.

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Meet Peter

52 years old, office manager

Peter loves his wife Lala so much and despite busy office jobs he spends quality time with her.

After checking the results of his laboratory examinations, the couple resolves to do something. Act now. Take control and achieve goals.

Peter’s numbers:

  • Body Mass Index: 35 kg/m2
  • Fasting Blood Sugar: 210 mg/dl
  • LDL (Bad Cholesterol): 100 mg/dl
  • Systolic Blood Pressure: 152 mm Hg
  • Diastolic Blood Pressure: 90 mm Hg
  • Total Cholesterol: 250 mg/dl
  • Triglycerides: 300 mg/dl

Peter’s nagging question was about alcohol. “I was told to drink moderately and that’s all. How can I follow that instruction?”

Moderate alcohol intake helps lower blood pressure and protects the liver from damage.

acare heart health stories Peter

The couple loves to eat and enjoy food. They thought choosing healthy diet means eating bland or food that they cannot enjoy. They thought choosing healthy food simply means “Don’t eat this, don’t eat that. Only eat this, Only eat that.” This is not true.

Peter and Lala can still enjoy flavorful, delicious food. They just have to know some information on food choices, cooking and healthy eating patterns or habits.

People living around the Mediterranean Sea eat foods that make them live healthier and longer lives. Besides fruits and vegetables, they still eat red meat once a month. People in Okinawa, Japan are older and healthier because they eat lots of sweet potato. We can learn from best diets in the world proven to make people live longer.

Watch the story of Peter

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