Enjoying Your Pregnancy

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Enjoying Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an incredible time in a woman’s life and it’s a time to celebrate as you grow a new life inside you.

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What can I do to be calmer and be able enjoy my pregnancy?

I get more anxious and stressed with every passing week. What can I do to be calmer and to enjoy my pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an incredible time in a woman’s life and it’s a time to celebrate as you grow a new life inside you. Sometimes the worry, the stress and the tiredness can be overwhelming, but you should realize the profound journey you are undertaking. 

Here are some tips to help deal with the stress better.

Be informed. It’s a lot easier to reduce your anxiety if you know all the fact and are well prepared. Read up on pregnancy and what to expect. 

Be pro-active. Make sure health problems are treated and kept under control. If you have diabetes, control your blood sugar levels. If you have high blood pressure, monitor it closely.

Get support. Sometimes just talking through your anxieties can help you manage them better. Discuss any concerns or fears with your doctor as well as your friends and family. Look for communities of mothers who understand what you’re going through. They can provide practical advice.

Focus on the positive. Take some time each day to connect with your baby. Even if you are concerned about your pregnancy or the arrival of the baby, try to take time to focus on the positive.  

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