Emotional Well-Being of Expectant Dad

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Emotional Well-Being of Expectant Dad

Defining some emotions that run high in him during partner’s pregnancy.


The Pregnancy: Should I Shout Out?

“It’s hard to keep the pregnancy a secret.”

“I felt something uncertain. Will this pregnancy continue until I see the baby?”

“I want to tell the whole world.”

“It brings mixed feelings of delight and horror.”

“Like a revolution, unpredictable, more difficult or easier than expected but more of positive feelings.”

Positive pregnancy is announced. It is a turning point in life that comes with new expectations.


The Pregnancy: A New World Opens!


“I was there in the clinic, but they mostly talked to my wife, not me.”

“My role in this pregnancy is not obvious.”

“They call the clinic, maternity care. That’s probably the reason why I’m not part of it.”

Men may feel excluded from talks on pregnancy and parenthood. They search for answers on how to be a good father.

Men may experience difficulties on how to support their partner.

Ultrasound: The baby moves... The child is real indeed!

“The baby moves telling me she’s really there. The more she kicks, the more real the child becomes for me.”

“At what time my baby can begin hear my voice? I wish to talk to him.”


The baby is coming out. Now what?


Yes, it is you who will feel the pain and it is you they will take blood samples from. But should I also be important when you are in the labor room?

Fearful and Insecure

“I feel powerless as I stand outside the delivery room and I can’t do anything to help you. I admire your courage and strength.”

“I am excited to meet my child.”

“What should I do in the delivery room?” Preparations for the delivery and the arrival of the child can be a stressful moment.

What should I buy for the baby?

 “Should I read books on breastfeeding?”

“How should I comfort the crying baby?”

“How do I replace diapers?”    


New Role: Fatherhood


Father A: “Tell me, who is a good father?”

Father B: “There is no right answer to that, let’s just do our very best, as there are several ways to raise a child.”

“I have this nagging question, is really possible to prepare to be a father.”

The new dad will alternate between work and home.

There will be new roles in the relationship towards the partner.

The Dad will develop and nurture relationship with their child.

Mother and father could experience early parenthood together.    


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